Attractions in Goodyear

Estrella Mountain Ranch Golf Club
The Estrella Mountain Ranch Golf Club in Goodyear is a golf course with the natural beauty of the Arizona desert as its backdrop. Most of the course is fairway or desert. After your round, you can enjoy relaxing with a beer on the golf club's signature patio. If you want the unique opportunity to play golf in the desert, the Estrella Mountain Ranch Golf Club offers one of the best opportunities in the Phoenix area.

Sierra Estrella Wilderness
The Sierra Estrella Wilderness is a great excursion for individuals who enjoy hiking and taking in scenic views. It's 14,400 acres of rugged mountain range with extreme elevation differences - Butterfly Mountain rises from 2,600 feet to 4,119 feet in only two miles of hiking. Serious hikers, campers, and backpackers will enjoy the challenges of navigating the Quartz Peak Trail all the way to the summit. The wide variety of plant and animal life helps to make it an exciting and unique climb. The wilderness' inhabitants include Gila monsters, bighorn sheep, mountain lions, golden eagles, and desert tortoises. The Sierra Estrella is notable for being one of the closest wilderness areas to Phoenix.

Mere Image Day Spa and Salon
The Mere Image Day Spa and Salon is a high quality, highly rated spa that offers body wraps, facials, haircuts, massage therapy and more. They are especially good at dealing with young children, so it doesn't have to just be Mom's day out. It's a great alternative activity for when the more active members of the family are out daring the Sierra Estrella.

Goodyear Community Skatepark
Goodyear Community Skatepark is a different kind of Goodyear attraction - this time focused on the skateboarding fans. It's an excellent skatepark with a 280-foot snake, a 16-foot full pipe capsule, and an incredible asymmetrical peanut pool, which varies from 7-11 feet deep. It is a must-visit for skating enthusiasts.

West Valley Arts Council
For the more artistically inclined tourists, the West Valley Arts Council is the place to be. The council puts on full-length theatrical productions year round, including the summer touring productions of the Missoula Children's Theatre. They're also responsible for bringing in artists and entertainers for special events, such as the Santan Swing Band, The Phoenix Symphony, and traditional cultural music like BATA IRE.

Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium
Don't forget the Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium, with Arizona's largest exotic animal collection. The zoo has over 400 exotic species, allowing kids to see a wide range of animals up close that they previously could only see on TV.